The vivamind activity score is here!

28. September 2023
Posted in Scoring
28. September 2023 Elvira Radaca

we are pleased to announce that we have expanded our product portfolio! From now on, all vivamind users get access to the vivamind Activity Score. This score is more than just a value. It shows you exactly how energetic you are and how healthy you are in your life.

We have developed and tested the Activity Score in our team of experts over a long period of time, based on scientific findings and a large amount of data. Now it’s here and covers a total of nine elementary health topics, thus covering not only mental and physical health but also individual lifestyle. Our simple but effective motivational scoring system helps vivamind users to become and stay healthy and vital. Thus, the vivamind activity score serves as the basis for a targeted improvement of one’s own health!

You are already a vivamind-user? Then log in directly and see what your score says!