Effectiveness of morning routines: start the working day in a productive and balanced way with a short mindfulness exercise in the morning

3. June 2024
3. June 2024 Elvira Radaca

A short meditation in the morning can have a positive influence on the entire working day and strengthen well-being well into the evening. Researchers Hohnemann, Rivkin and Diestel (2024) have confirmed this in a new study recently published in the Journal of Occupational Health Psychology.

The researchers asked themselves the question: To what extent can short mindfulness exercises in the morning, so-called micro-interventions, have a positive impact on employees’ (working) day?

It turned out that even a 10-minute mediation can promote self-regulation, which leads to a harmonious balance between work tasks and personal values. This increases a deep flow experience at work, which is reflected in increased vitality and well-being in the evening. Companies can pick up on the current trend of mindfulness exercises and establish them in the company by offering guided meditation sessions, for example. In addition, organizational framework conditions such as flexible working hours are also advantageous so that employees have enough time to take advantage of these offers. Overall, these results offer valuable implications for the sustainable promotion of well-being in the workplace.

Original source:

Hohnemann, C., Rivkin, W., & Diestel, S. (2024). An energizing microintervention: How mindfulness fosters subjective vitality through regulatory processes and flow experience at work. Journal of Occupational Health Psychology, 29(1), 45–56. https://doi.org/10.1037/ocp0000369

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