Health in vivamind mode

The precise check-up analysis is the start of personalized health management.

Scientific studies show that feedback on one’s own health via self-motivation leads to behavioral changes that sustainably improve health.

Digital algorithms on lifestyle, medical and psychomental indicators provide a reliable picture of one’s own health.

Through an online assessment, users receive their personal profile in real time, with explanations and personalized recommendations for each indicator and links to online coachimgs.

The self-assessment can optionally be complemented by an online consultation with health experts.

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Understanding health and promoting it in a targeted manner

Health is a lifelong process. Its added value is largely determined by feedback on one’s own health status, the identification of potential for improvement, motivation and targeted initiation of behavioral changes, as well as its longitudinal result monitoring. All this is offered by vivamind.


With the digital checkup, vivamind holistically determines the user's health profile, strengths and options for action. Explanations scale the relevance of the respective individual results.


Based on this result, the user is given the chance to select and book online coaching offers and courses if action is required in order to specifically promote his or her health. This option can be selected directly from the check-up result or used via the vivamind platform.
Your organization's services can also be integrated.


The vivamind Activity Score visualizes the users' commitment to their health. It is an activation element in the individual health process and also valuable as a global value in the course. The score is also suitable for challenges.


Follow-up check-ups show the changes in the health profile and visualize them in a longitudinal section. Intuitively, health is conveyed to the user as an element in the course of life that can be shaped and influenced.
All vivamind health measures have been proven to directly or indirectly increase physical and mental health.


Optionally, the user has the possibility to get online advice from an expert (health advisor, prevention physicians, company physicians) by activating the service.


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