Our solutions

Making your company future-proof and providing you with the tools for your effective and value-added health management is our passion.

To make the process successful, we focus our expertise on value-adding health processes, from analysis to target achievement – at both the individual and organizational level – in behavioral and in corporate prevention.

Measurability (smart data), interoperability, procedural interfaces and the focus on value-based health characterize a modern and sustainable health management, which as a digital format enables a new dimension of solutions.

Each vivamind module is consistent in terms of logic and purpose. You can design your health management flexibly and adapt it to your needs.

Strategic foresight


FoForesight Thinking is the empowerment of the right search with the right questions. Asking now what will be in 5 – 10 years, and translating the answers into present action is an important prerequisite for future readiness.

Our Customer sectors

With our expertise in preventive medicine, in psychology and health management, we support a wide range of industries with services for personal and organizational health management.

The experience we have gained over twenty years of collaboration is leading the way in the further development and digitalization of our products. We deliver specific solutions for each industry.

Value based prevention

value based

Value-based health is a requirement for healthcare services that creates incentives to focus on the quality of the services provided rather than the quantity.