Psychotherapy. Coaching

There is an increasing need for efficient and valid individual evaluation for psychotherapeutic care. Analysis and evaluation indicators of professional and private stress, personal strain and organizational and individual resources shed light on the state of mind of your clients.

The vivamind expert system provides coaching and psychotherapeutic care with a strong anchor for goal-oriented therapy planning. Repeated longitudinal analyses provide information about the patient’s progress.

vivamind has chosen the scientific stress-strain-resource model as the basis for its indicator compilation. Beyond the knowledge gained from individual analysis and evaluation indicators, correlations between stress and the resulting stress experience can be determined and, in addition, intervening resources can be identified.

Success story

Preventive medicine needs the integration of psychomental resources. For more than 15 years I have been working on the connection between medicine and psychology. In my impression, medicine often underestimates how essential psychic forces are for health and healing. It is about stress and the effects on the body, about exhaustion syndromes, about the promotion of all abilities to better deal with the stresses of life. Also about zest for life. And about the motivation to change one’s lifestyle, if that should be indicated.

I have been working with the vivamind tool since its inception and find especially the psychomental section valuable and convincing. It is based on many years of experience in preventive medicine and industrial psychology, scientifically based. With a few questions the essential areas are covered: Stresses and resources, also vitality, mindfulness. Valuable clues are obtained for an intervention, which can be easily communicated to the client.

Dr. Johannes Koepchen I specialist in vascular surgery and phlebology I preventive medicine /DAPM I trainer in mindfulness-based methods (MBSR)