Medical Prevention Centers

Your medical prevention center has high-quality medical technology and professional expertise as important prerequisites for sophisticated preventive diagnostics.

As a value-based link for success in the premium market, vivamind serves personalized health analysis. You exceed the expectations of an enlightened and demanding clientele for a holistic and partnership-based health concept.

The expert system optimizes your diagnostics with the algorithmic classification and evaluation of diagnostic results. The recording of the holistic – somatic and psycho mental – health profile enables you to reliably classify the risk and prognosis of your clients.

With vivamind consulting support, your care service receives sustainable added value for personalized health management.

Success Stories Preventive and Checkup Medicine

„For 20 years now, we have been intensively involved with the topic of preventive medicine and preventive health care at the highest level. It has always been our claim to offer our customers an excellent service in this area for more health security and sustainability.

Over the years, in addition to the pure analysis of bodily functions, the focus has shifted to integral health with the areas of body, mind and soul, especially in prevention. Within the framework of continuous further development, the aim was and is to make the customer’s condition, potential and risks clear.

Here, the digitalized presentation with the vivamind system helps to shape the communication between the doctor and the customer at eye level and, in the best case, to achieve sustainability through education and understanding. In the end, we are all concerned with continuing to grow older in a healthier way. We have an excellent basis for this with the vivamind system.“

Prof. Dietrich Baumgart, MD, cardiologist and preventive physician. Medical Director Preventicum.

„Checkup medicine is at a crossroads… If it wants to reliably fulfill the claim of holistic and evidence-based prevention and early detection in practice, it cannot avoid integrating digital expert systems.

vivamind enriches our checkup concept with valid information, especially on lifestyle and psychomental resources, and this without additional time expenditure. This provides our physicians with valuable support for patient counseling.

Another plus: With anonymized and privacy-compliant evaluations for health reports, we provide our customer companies with added value in terms of information for their occupational health management – and us with a better position in the performance comparison.“

Dr. med. Andreas Brune, internist and preventive physician. Medical Director preveo Dortmund.

„Clients of my private medical prevention practice are executives and employees of well-known companies as well as self-payers. The vivamind apps are an indispensable part of the sophisticated checkup concept.

vivamind delivers significant added value in terms of sustainable, structured preventive medical advice to our clientele – and without any additional time investment.“

Mounia Küppers, Specialist for Internal Medicine