Demographic change presents society and insurance companies with the challenge of making increasing expenditures for curative and rehabilitative services sufficiently financially available despite and with medical progress.

In view of this development, there is a consensus to focus on prevention as a value-based contribution to both health promotion and cost management. What is lacking is a tangible prevention concept. The current practice of limiting oneself to a basket of courses and coaching sessions does not meet the requirement for a thoroughgoing and sustainably effective prevention.

With its digital applications, vivamind provides a measurable contribution for health insurance companies and insurers to sustainably achieve prevention goals, strengthen their own employees, retain customers and increase performance.

The data available with digitalization and the interoperable approach of vivamind enable valuable strategic conclusions for the orientation of future health policy.

Success story of our customer BIG direkt gesund

„As a statutory health insurance company, we at BIG direkt gesund have primarily opted for digital paths in customer communication. Of course, digital applications are also very important for us and our customers in the area of workplace health promotion.

With our BIGbalance platform, we offer the companies we serve a holistic portfolio of health services. The vivamind online checkup is an important component of this. The employees of the companies have the opportunity to get concrete and high-quality information about their own health status online – and completely online. In addition, they receive suggestions about which measures in BIGbalance they can take to further improve their health. The cooperation with vivamind and the team has been an important component from the very beginning and has contributed significantly to the fact that BIGbalance has been very well received by the companies and their employees.“

Stefan Ernst, Head of Workplace Health Promotion, BIG direkt gesund