Hospitals and medical care centers

The hospital landscape is on the move. A progressive process of concentration should help to ensure economic success.

Future viability requires additional innovation services to increase attractiveness. Future-oriented solutions for clinics and medical care centers are provided by the expert system vivamind in the following sectors:

An important segment will be the growth market of prevention and early detection in the clinic orientation. As a value-based link for success in the premium market checkups vivamind serves the personalized health analysis. It exceeds the expectations of an enlightened and demanding clientele for a holistic and partnership-based health concept.

The use of vivamind for secondary and tertiary prevention in inpatient and outpatient care should not be underestimated. The responsible patient wants to actively participate and influence his or her state of health. The digital solutions from vivamind are also suitable for therapy support.

Another field of application for vivamind are solutions for corporate health management. Your employees, as your company’s most important resource, appreciate experiencing your care by promoting their health.

Digitization with vivamind generates data sets that can be used for meaningful health evaluations. In the future, they will be indispensable for strategic insights and options for action by organizations.