Our solutions for companies are the result of many years of experience in occupational health management, for example in participation in company steering committees and in advising responsible persons in companies.

The acquired know-how, combined with scientific university expertise, the combination of conception with technical-digital applications, provides your company with a unique toolbox for effective and successful health management.

The reduction of absenteeism and presenteeism is an important goal in organizations. Even more important for you is the sustainable promotion of health and performance of your workforce as your most important resource, motivation and employer attractiveness. With an expected return on investment.

vivamind can be fully integrated into your corporate environment. It combines individual and corporate prevention. It makes health measurable and comprehensible for the individual. And it provides your company with important parameters for controlled health management.

Digital technology enables broad accessibility and depth, important prerequisites for modern and sustainable health management. With the modular structure, you can tailor your company health management.